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Roxy Fic

Fic for the Fiend Within

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Welcome to Roxy Fic!

My name is Roxanne and this is where I will be archiving my erotic fan fiction.

When I say erotic, I mean homoerotic. Most of the writing I do will involve homosexuality. If you don't like it, get buggered. When I say erotic, I also mean adult-oriented. All of my fiction will be clearly labeled with a rating. If you are not old enough to view adult materials, do not view the applicable pieces.

I have very few rules here, except that I will not add people who don't have listed birthdates, 18 and older. However, not all of my fiction will be made friends only. I will expect anyone who comes across it to behave appropriately and in accordance with their local laws.

If you want to redistribute my fiction, you may do so as long as you provide a link back to me and do not claim it as your own work. I appreciate comments or emails about such things. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Positive feedback also inspires me to keep writing. So, please do it.

Check back often!

Some entries in this journal, such as requested pieces and sneak previews, are friends only. If you would like to read them, friend me or comment on one of my entries and I will friend you. I only ask that you be of legal age. It's that simple!

If you have questions that are not covered here or want to request a special piece, please visit my FAQ.

At no point to I ever claim to own any of the copywritten characters that I depict in my fic. I do not make money from their usage, and I do not claim to represent the intentions of their creators.

I write FICTION. That means it's fictional. It never happened. Chances are slim that it ever will. At no point do I ever claim to know any of the people I write about, nor know anything verifiable about them. It is never my intent to defame or offend anyone depicted in these FICTIONAL situations.

Here are some rating guidelines for your convenience:

This piece has very little in the way of bad language and naughty behavior. It is slightly adult in content, but is not in any way graphic.

This piece probably contains some implied or partially implied naughty behavior, and may have considerable bad language. There may be sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll -- among other things marginally unacceptable for some audiences.

This piece contains explicit material not suitable for anyone under 17. There may be graphic violence, extreme situations, sex and other adult themes.

How to Navigate Roxy Fic and the Big List of Tags

By Fandom and Character:

By Kink:
  • Angst - a feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish
  • Bestiality - sexual relations between a person and an animal
  • Fluff - lighthearted, but not hardcore, lacking a specific kink
  • Het - heterosexual
  • Necro - erotic attraction to or sexual contact with corpses
  • Non-Con - non-consentual; rape, coercion, blackmail
  • Pedo - questionable behavior between adults and (in the case of this journal) teens
  • Smut - straight-up pr0n lacking a specific kink
  • Violence - rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment
  • Wank - masturbation, self-service, fapping, beating the meat, spanking the monkey, choking the chicken, flogging the dolphin, slapping the salami, pocket pool, rubbing one out, diddling the skittle, having a roy, one man tug-o-war, stroking off, pounding the pud, and my personal favorite: walking Willie the one-eyed wonder worm